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Happy Curves

Comfort Powder - Tropical Scent

Comfort Powder - Tropical Scent

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Talc-free & plant-based body powder provides all-day comfort with protection against sweat and chafing. Leaves a nice subtle fragrance to subdue odor. Innovative dispensing cap for targeted application. Our plant-based formula is enriched with Aloe, Coconut Oil, and Chamomile to soothe your skin and provide all-day comfort.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Nostalgic scent and talc-free

I enjoyed this powder and will use it again. I especially love the pouf. If you are considering this, go ahead and treat yourself.

Sabre O’Neil

If you ever thought how can you prevent your boobs from sweating or having that strange odor (we all been there) this product is the one to answer all those mysterious questions.!!! Please buy the product, & the pufffff

Shavan Fulton
I Love it!

They say thick thighs save lives, but sometimes our short pants don’t make it lol. This powder help me tremendously when it came to the rising of my shorts in my inner thigh area on top of that…it smells Ahhmazing! I highly recommend!!

Ka'Niah Stokes

The happy curves comfort powder really helps and leaves no mess. It has a great scent.

Rachel Price
Life Saving

This has been absolutely life saving